MND is a nine year old company in the city of Brampton ON, run by a professional with 32 years of experience in this field.

1. Plan your baby's gender:

We provide consultation for how to plan your babies gender (boy or girl) before pregnancy in 100% natural way. Yes choosing the sex of your child is technically possible now. It might appeal to parents who want to have a child of other sex.

2. Gender determination on request:

For women living in a world before ultrasounds, there was no way to tell what, who or how many were in there. Here we have an ultrasound technique which gives 100% accurate results. We have 32 years experience in this field. In truth, no one can never find out about gender of unborn baby as soon as it is possible through an ultrasound scan.

3. Non-diagnostic featal well being:

Prenatal diagnosis includes variety of techniques to determine the condition and health of unborn fetus. It is helpful for managing remaining weeks of pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy test by ultra sound:

We use ultrasound technique to check the embryo and its development inside the womb of mother when she conceives. Ultrasound is used to check the baby's development during pregnancy and to help pick up any abnormalities. There are no known risks or side effects for either the mother or her unborn baby.

5. Consultation for how to conceive fast in natural way:

We have many years of experience in this field. We will give you all necessary information about the fertile time and provide you 100% natural ways to conceive your baby fast.

6. Ultrasound at any stage

Ultrasound services provided at any stage of pregnancy to check the baby's development. It tells you about the size of the baby, how well the baby's heart works and other organs are growing normally.