MND Imaging Centre is one and only one company which provides consultation for how to plan your family 100% natural way without any medicine and the results are 95% guaranteed. Thousands of couples have taken the advantage of this company because the founder is in the field of this procedure for the last 32 years.

You can plan your family in natural way by knowing at what time you can have sex during the month without using pills or devices. But this process needs high level of commitment from you and your partner.

We provide consultation for how to plan your babies gender (boy or girl) before pregnancy in 100% natural way. You don't have to worry about that. The ability to have that girl or boy of your dreams is nearly 100%. We also provide ultrasound services at any stage of pregnancy with 100% accurate results for gender determination after pregnancy.

Definitely this is effective method of birth control also and no negative health side effects. Although Natural Family Planning is totally based on fertile time that is lasts for approximately 8-9 days in each cycle. Fertile time starts from seven days before ovulation and this is the time you likely to conceive. This can be avoided if you don't have sex during this fertile time.